I am currently a postdoc researcher at Earth Simulation Lab at Utrecht University, the Netherlands. As a geomechanics specialist, my research is on the mechanical behavior of granular media with a focus on Sandstone and compaction behavior of the Groningen gas reservoir located in the N.E. Netherlands as Europe’s largest gas reservoir. I also obtained my Ph.D. degree in Geological, Geophysical and Mining Engineering from the University of Arizona, USA. My Ph.D. focused on rock mass strength criteria under 3D in-situ conditions results in proposing new failure criteria.
During more than 10 years of experimental and numerical researches in geosciences and geoengineering, I became an expert in different aspects such as, Discrete Element Method Modeling (DEM), developing contact and constitutive models and designing laboratory apparatuses and experiments. I am also familiar with the Finite Element Method (FEM), micro CT-scanning, big data management and data visualization.
I love photography, cooking, running, swimming, reading, traveling and of course, coding.